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London North Eastern Railway A1 Class

LNER A1 Royal Lancer in 7mm Scale (O Gauge), Sunset Models

A 7mm scale (O Gauge) model of Royal Lancer, an early member of the London & North Eastern railway A1 class of locomotives, built in 1923 and broken up  in November, 1963 (more details of the prototype A1 Class). 

Recognising that I would never have time to build all the locomotives and rolling stock that I would like and that I did not know so much about the LNER, I decided to order a ready-to-run A1 from Sunset Models when they were announced in 2005.  David Studley detailed and added the correct lining to my un-named and un-numbered model, which arrived in late 2007.  However, there is a problem with the onboard Quantum QSI electronic control and sound system, which periodically shorts out bringing the train to a sudden and complete stand whilst the acceleration function restarts and the train slowly moves off once more.  I have disconnected the motor from the control system, to revert to traditional DC control, and the loco actually performs far better without the control system so I shall leave it this way. I did find the source of the intermittent short but I decided not to restore the sound.

I felt that some of the details and the borders between the paint colours on the model could be further improved in places but the major visual change was to create a more realistic looking load of coal.

LNER A1 Tenders

The model is quite heavy and has a powerful motor with a toothed-belt and gear transmission.  It is more than capable handling ten coach trains on an extensive garden railway with gradients of 1 in 70.  In the picture below, it is held at a signal on the Up Main with an LMS sleeper train whilst an engineers' train passes on the Down Slow.

Royal Lancer LNER A1 4476 7mm scale (O gauge)


LNER A14476 Royal Lancer


Larger views of Royal Lancer before and 4476 after the minor modifications.

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